The open source software

We could be talking hours and hours about the great benefits of open source programs that exist in the market and the great virtues that this entails. Although at one point it seemed that the battle was lost in front of closed source programs, we now realize that it is much better to work with open source both at home and in the private sphere to have greater stability in the computer machines of the company as in the home personal computer. If we want to be sure that our computer equipment is going to work 100% we have to convince ourselves that we are using the best option according to our needs.

It is true that many times we opt for commercial software to be more relaxed in daily use because it is easier to use on a day-to-day basis because of its easy handling. But as the open source software programs have increased their performance many more users have joined the fashion of free code at no cost thanks to the development that has been taking over the years to have a visually As commercial aspect as you could have a Windows XP to give an example that we all know.

That is why we have repeated above that free code is very popular among individuals and companies because of its easy handling and also because of the ease there is nowadays of applying programs of all kinds, from video editing to any type of program that we need to use at that time. We have to emphasize that thanks to free code, large communities of programmers have been formed that have jointly developed many web applications and many computer programs that have become very popular over the years and that are already part of the lives of many people. Its great utility. We realize that an operating system is really useful when we can use it reliably and stably on a day-to-day basis without worrying about whether it will fail at any time. In addition, as we all know, it always fails in the worst case and leaves us many times without the work done with all the losses that this entails.

The best free and open source event registration programs

The world of events in the world of programming and computing are increasingly popular and require open source programs to work properly and we do not have to go looking for alternatives that are paid programs that do not usually yield as much and usually give More problems than benefits. Knowing that it is not surprising that more and more people want an effective alternative to event management programs offered by the private company Microsoft with its commercial product Windows.

In Webinaria you can find many options that can be very useful to implement in your public or private company. You can also count on a large number of people around you who will see and share all the content you are creating at all times. If we have commented above you are interested in software management programs here you can find a lot of content related to all types of sectors, but especially with the videos that most interest you at all times.

As you will see the whole platform is made in open source and you will not have any problem when recording and sharing your video with the rest of the community. Once you share the video you will be able to interact with many people who have the same interests as you and who will find a common path for who knows if one day they will carry out a common project. Open source communities is the easiest way to make friends who share your same hobbies and know and learn from each other every day as if they were your teachers. Learning in community thanks to open source is now a reality that you can enjoy thanks to Webinaria.

Next to an in-person meeting, there is no better way to communicate a sales demo or business presentation than with video.  From marketing or sales presentations to training videos for software applications, Webinaria can help bring your content to life. Businesses that are able to capture and record live interactions with web-based content are able to more effectively train and educate employees and customers. Webinaria aims to provide a more animated and theatrical presentation of business communications.

Chris Charlwood is the founder of, and has worked with clients to promote their websites since 1999.  Chris graduated in 1993 with his business degree with a marketing specialization (BCOMM with Honours) from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario Canada. After working in the non-profit, consumer packaged goods and banking industries for seven years in various marketing management roles, Chris started Charlwood eMarketing in 1999.  Chris sold his first software business in 2005 (Tristana Software – XML Editor and Desktop Solutions, launched in 2002).


Share video tutorials in Webinaria

Can you imagine being able to share video tutorials with a large community that has the same interests as you? Now and thanks to you can do it without problem. You just have to turn on your webcam and start recording what interests you most to share it with a large community. If you do not want to generate content because you do not like being in front of the cameras you just have to register as a user and browse the website to be able to see and enjoy the different videos of all the themes that are already available to see totally free and without any additional cost.

With a simple registration you can see all the video tutorials that you want. One of the most interesting features is to be able to comment on the videos of your favorite creators to be able to exchange ideas and comments so that it is also a platform to make friends who have the same interests as you. You can also watch as many videos as you want without paying for the consumption of a maximum number of videos. This way we can guarantee that everything you see on this website will always be 100% free.

Surely after watching several Webinars you will want to create video tutorials to be also a content creator and share your knowledge with other users of the platform. In addition to all this you can also contact privately with another user who wants to answer you privately to start a conversation in a more private way to specify aspects such as creating a business together or who knows if to stay one day if you are the same city. Many times after watching a tutorial, you want to know that person physically to interact in a more direct way.

After watching a few video tutorials, you will surely grow on a personal and professional level and have a greater added value that will allow you to value yourself more at work and move up within the company to earn more money. Digiral training is one of the great added values ​​thanks to the internet.

Free open source screen recording software

The free code recording programs are becoming more and more fashionable and more and more people rely on these types of platforms to record their videos and then share them with other Internet users. The confidence that has generated this type of free code is thanks to the modernization and the collaboration of thousands of programmers who have developed different applications to improve the recording software without any economic interest, only to develop and help the internet community Have a better tool for recording videos to create different tutorials on all types of content.

Normally the tutorials are usually about how to learn to program, to have a greater profitability on our income, namely to use an internet tool to be able to record videos and edit them and even an endless number of things that you probably did not even know but now thanks to the Open source recording systems you can discover. With these tools many users have had the opportunity to create their own videos to show them to hundreds of thousands of people and be in contact with users who have the same interests as the person who is creating the video.

This combination makes many people create communities and do similar things to be able to improve free code recording programs. It should not be ruled out that there are also payment alternatives that also work very well and that in many cases have a very cheap price for all the services offered. Although that is an option that many people are using, open-source romantics always look for open source video recording programs to be able to see and check for themselves if it is necessary to make an improvement that they themselves can bring thanks to the code it’s not closed.

We could be here talking days and days about all the advantages offered by video recording programs developed with free code, but what we really advise you is to try them for yourself and really see that the performance offered is very good and very competitive with respect to the programs of recording of payment with closed code in which it is not possible to collaborate nor contribute anything when belonging to a private company with its own work team.