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What is a Screencast?
A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output (video screen capture) often containing audio narration and even webcam video.

Why Publish a Screencast?
Screencasts are useful for demonstrating software features and benefits and have been proven to increase product trial and ultimately sales conversion rates dramatically. Creating a screencast helps software salespeople and developers show off their work and reduces the amount of technical support required. Screencasts are a useful tool for ordinary software users as well, to help report bugs (the movie takes the place of potentially unclear written explanations) or to show others how a given task is accomplished in a specific software environment. Educators and training consultants also can benefit from using screencasts in their lessons or presentations.

Can I Increase Sales Conversion Rates with Video Demos?
Numerous studies have shown repeatedly that using video demonstrations instead of a static website with just images and screenshots will increase your sales conversion rates dramatically - on average by a factor of 3 to 4 times.

Tips for Creating an Effective Screencast
1. Limit your screencasts to 3 to 5 minutes maximum on a focussed topic. Break up into multiple short segments if necessary, but don't ramble.
2. Enlarge your mouse pointer and close all other extraneous windows/programs to clean up your desktop. If capturing a web page, remove extra toolbars/menus from your browser (View/Toolbars with Firefox for example).
3. If demoing a desktop application, use a free program such as Sizer to resize your window to the same resolution as is set in Webinaria Recorder (800x600 is recommended, or 640x480 for better resolution and lower file size).
4. Plan what you are going to say and do a number of trial runs before starting to record.
5. If your AVI or FLV file size is too large for publishing, then reduce your Frame rate setting (defaults to 5 frames per second) in Webinaria Recorder, or the Bit rate setting in Webinaria Editor.

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