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About Us

Why Webinaria?
Next to an in-person meeting, there is no better way to communicate a sales demo or business presentation than with video.  From marketing or sales presentations to training videos for software applications, Webinaria can help bring your content to life. Businesses that are able to capture and record live interactions with web-based content are able to more effectively train and educate employees and customers. Webinaria aims to provide a more animated and theatrical presentation of business communications.

Chris Charlwood is the founder of Webinaria.com, and has worked with clients to promote their websites since 1999.  Chris graduated in 1993 with his business degree with a marketing specialization (BCOMM with Honours) from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario Canada. After working in the non-profit, consumer packaged goods and banking industries for seven years in various marketing management roles, Chris started Charlwood eMarketing in 1999.  Chris sold his first software business in 2005 (Tristana Software – XML Editor and Desktop Solutions, launched in 2002).